Triumph group made its appearance at the 2017SNEC solar pv exhibition
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Triumph group made its appearance at the 2017SNEC solar pv exhibition

Group news
2017/04/25 10:11
On April 19 ~ 21, 2017 international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and BBS (hereinafter referred to as "SNEC pv conference and (Shanghai) exhibition").
On April 19 ~ 21, 2017 international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and BBS (hereinafter referred to as "SNEC pv conference and (Shanghai) exhibition") was held in Shanghai new international exhibition center kaisheng technology international engineering group co., LTD., general manager of China building materials group co., LTD., chairman, President Peng Shou attended the opening ceremony.
SNEC solar photovoltaic exhibition is a global scale, the highest level of profession, photovoltaic exhibition, exhibition photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, and photovoltaic engineering and system, covering the photovoltaic industry chain of each link. The exhibition has more than 160,000 square meters and more than 1,600 exhibitors.
Such a high specification exhibition
What are the absorption points of kaisheng group at the exhibition?
The punch line "unity is strength"
Attend the SNEC solar pv show in Shanghai kaisheng group, China building materials engineering group by group led by new energy engineering division, united Germany AVANCIS, CTF, building materials deepened in xin technology co., LTD, anhui sky column green new energy technology co., LTD., building materials in optoelectronic equipment (taicang) co., LTD., chengdu building materials in photoelectric material co., LTD., in new energy co., LTD. (hefei) and so on various new energy plate unified group representatives "kaisheng new energy" exhibition, to jointly promote brand "kaisheng new energy", expanding "kaisheng new energy" in the fame and influence in the field of photovoltaic (pv).
The "booth layout" of the eyeball point
The booth of kaisheng group occupies the most prominent core location of the pavilion, the booth is simple atmosphere, and it is international, showing the latest development of the company's photovoltaic plate business. Impressed audiences from all over the world, attracted a large number of domestic and foreign audiences to stop and visit and understand deeply.
The "product display" of the eyeball point
SNEC unveiled in building materials (yixing) new energy co., LTD. Production of ultra-thin photovoltaic glass 1.5 mm, this is now able to mass production of the world's thinnest photovoltaic glass, by the guests and the audience's attention.
In addition, the new products - black silicon, and the lamination components - are also on display, attracting a large audience.
The "project signing" of the eyeball point
In the signing ceremony and press conference, the building materials engineering group respectively and meishan city, sichuan province people's government signed a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film solar projects and wisdom agriculture EPC agreement; In line with UK, Welink has signed an agreement on the general contracting framework of EPC of 300MW pv roof and ground station in Europe; With changzhou longteng and lanzhou dacheng science and technology, we have signed several new projects, such as the strategic cooperation agreement of national photothermal 100MW demonstration project.
"Cooperation talks"
During the period, kaisheng group and other well-known foreign companies such as Germany's new glass group and fung adonnae have conducted extensive exchanges on enhancing cooperation between the two sides.
The "high evaluation" of the eyeball point
During the exhibition, zhang ruishu, mayor of qinhuangdao, and zheng dongtao, deputy mayor of bengbu city, and tang hong, vice mayor of meishan city, visited the company booth. Peng Shou to the leaders and guests, chairman of the board of the company photovoltaic plates was introduced in detail the latest development and scientific and technological innovation, guests for kaisheng group achievements and performance in photovoltaic industry, gave high evaluation.
The exhibition, we harvest is not only full of strong leadership, customers, media from all walks of life, enhance the kaisheng brand visibility, further expanded the influence in the field of new energy, make enterprise fully appreciated kaisheng group at home and abroad in the field of new energy fast growing vitality and unlimited potential.
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