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Add: No. 1011, Zhencheng Road, Shengang, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province 214443,China
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Add: No. 1011, Zhencheng Road, Shengang,Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province 214443,China | Manager
TEL:0510-86687300-2500 Or 0510-68822889
Company Profile

Company Profile

Strong background
      Since 2013 year, Jetion solar is belonging to CNBM (www.cnbm.com.cn), who is Chinese top 30 and world fortune 500 company, CNBM has extensive platform worldwide with over 30 years for various industrials including solar. Our solar cell and module manufacturing capacity will be up to1000MW in 2015 year and our solar power plant projects will be up 500MW within 2015 year in China and overseas.



One earliest player in Solar industry
   Jetion Solar is a global company in the field of solar technologies with foundation in December 2004,.We provide our customers with sustainable solutions – from highly efficient solar cells to high-quality modules and solar power plants. Today we have 10 years solar cell and module manufacturing history and our end products solar module covers monocrystalline and polycrystalline for on grid 200W up 320W,and off grid using 5W to 200W with worldwide installed capacity 3GW.

  Intelligent technology improved always
  Jetion Solar is a well established and fast growing manufacturer of high performance solar cells and reliable solar modules, focusing on the research and development,design and manufacture and sale of solar products and services. Thanks to the high level of development expertise and fresh ideas Jetion Solar had been awarded the “Fastest-Growing Company” from “Deloitte Top 50 Hi-tech, Hi-growth Companies” in 2008 and 2009.

Jetion solar owns nearly 202 patents which has set new standards in product quality and functional saftely,as a result,Jetion solar delivers as standard the kind of experience which you can not buy anywhere else, we not only meet all current IEC, UL,JET etc standards but continually surprising the market with new innovations.

We focus on long-term growth in terms of profitability, environmental and social compatibility. By own patents, innovations and continuous technological development, we contribute to the global climate protection. As a result costs of solar power can be effectively reduced and made available to the mass market.


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